Our Mission: Quality Food. Great Service. People First.

Quality food. Great service. People first. SERVUS! started over 50 years ago with founders Bob and Lovella Ruckriegel establishing this simple mission. It’s how we operated then, and it’s how we still do to this day. When we cook, we make it delicious. When we see our guests, we smile and interact like old friends. When a helping hand is needed, we offer two. It’s pretty easy. We’ve expanded our reach, and we’ve certainly updated our appearance, but those same simple principles have carried us forward since day one.

At SERVUS!, we interact like family. Our team members are given competitive pay, flexible schedules, and comprehensive benefits packages, as well as opportunities for meaningful advancement for a truly fulfilling career. Team members aren’t just simply treated like family; we are family. We work and play together. We take care of each other. We’re always there for both our guests and each other. We’re in this together. We know that with this kind of environment, team members will see themselves thrive, just as many before them have by starting a career with us, embracing the SERVUS! mission, and eventually becoming leaders for the company.

From our CEO to our newest hourly team members, everyone at SERVUS! is fully involved in a hands-on approach to see each task done to completion. Most of all, we love what we do, and if you believe you have the same spirit of service as well as enjoy working with a great team, then consider joining us! We come in, work hard, earn our keep, and reap the rewards of a job well done. 

This is service. This is SERVUS!



Team Members

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